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What We’ve Always Done


By Mark Simmon

I once served on a team who was tasked with implementing a new system at our place of employment. There was much resistance to the new system – even though it was well documented that our old system was no longer supported by the company who wrote and serviced it. There was a lot of tension, with tempers flaring as the launch date approached.

On one such day, the manager for the team stormed into the development room and wrote the following on our whiteboard, “If you always do what you’ve always done, then you will always get what you’ve always gotten!”

While this statement was very simplistic, it is also harshly true. If we always do the same thing we will (almost) always get the same result. It is true for our personal and professional lives – and it is also true for the church.

This was recently brought home to me in my own spiritual walk. Our discipleship group decided to begin a study focused on the Holy Spirit. I wasn’t exactly sure about it to start, but the study was written by a popular author so I decided to give it a try. It didn’t take very long for me to be embarrassed over how little I really focused on the Holy Spirit in my everyday walk and how little I purposefully interacted with Him each day.

Oh sure, I always knew He was there – after all, He’s part of the trinity that is God. I also knew all the Sunday school answers of Him being the comforter, the helper, and leading us into all truth – I just never tried to understand how that would happen. I never really tried to know the Spirt on a personal level. I was doing what I (and others) had always done in seeking after God.

Suffice it to say that our group has found this study to be a very enlightening and eye-opening experience.

How about you?

Are you doing what you’ve always done in your search for God and a deeper understanding of Him? Is your relationship with God boring and blasé, checking the boxes for attending church and reading your Bible every day? There is so much more to a vital and active relationship with the Father, His Son, and especially His Spirit. Step off the old path and try something different: read a new book to learn more about God, learn a new song to worship Him through, talk with a friend about what God is doing in your everyday life, and ask for the Spirit to be living and active in your heart and mind.

I think the results will blow you away!

  • Dixie Gramke says:

    Thanks for your remarks, Mark. I think it was my husband who really turned me on to the Holy Spirit…and that by his astute, intuitive understanding of God’s Word. Since then I have been daily aware of the influence of the Spirit in my life. He walks with me wherever I go and whatever I do. I depend upon Him to keep me afloat! Again, thank you for your words and I hope people who read them will have a need to listen to Him as He directs and helps us each day!

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