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Time to Serve


By John Adams

Mark 10:45“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom to many.”

How many times do we miss an opportunity to serve someone else? How often do we miss blessing someone or miss being blessed? Too often excuses will sabotage an opportunity to make an impact on someone. Excuses like I am too busy, I’m tired, I’m not skilled enough, my kids have games, I have too much work to do, it’s uncomfortable, etc. We have all used these excuses and others at different times. We are a society that has become accustomed to our schedules being full and over-extended.

How could we have any time to serve someone else when we barely have time together as a family?

This past Sunday took away a little bit of the excuse and gave us an opportunity to serve out in the community with members of our Church body. The excuse of time was removed and we were called to serve. Some of us had to do things that were out of our norm and a bit uncomfortable, but we all learned and grew from the experience. We had the chance to serve with our families, with members of our Small Groups, with friends from Church, and with people we had never met until that morning. We all took some time to put ourselves and our schedules aside so we could serve.

What’s next? Do we wait for the Third Annual Great Day of Service in 2018 before we serve again? Or do we now take the experiences from Sunday and look for other opportunities to serve in the communities we live in? I pray for the latter as we need to be looking to serve constantly. We all have neighbors, family members, and friends that need to be served in some capacity or another. It may not always be yard clean up or building projects. It may just be the need for your time and attention, or your prayers.

We will never know unless we take the first step and look. Ask God to open your eyes and hearts to the needs around you. I heard Wayne Simien say “don’t let you schedule get in the way of the Holy Spirit.” That statement is so profoundly true. Our calendars too often cause us to miss God moments.

The Holy Spirit will prompt you if you take enough time to listen.

I look forward to hearing more amazing stories and testimonies about this past Great Day of Service, but I look more forward to stories in the months to follow. I hope we take the momentum from Sunday and use it to find other ways to serve.

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