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Sweet Summertime


Sweet summertime.

Cold sodas, 105 degree weather, and fun days hanging out with high schoolers and middle schoolers. I know how summer goes. Even if I am just the intern.

Summertime has always been one of my favorite things. Everything that it involves, but this one was different than most of them in the past. This one I spent in a new town, with a new church, and a bunch of people I didn’t know. And, let me tell you, this summer was one for the books.

Showing up the day after Memorial Day was definitely an interesting start to my summer. My mom wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to work with a bunch of crazies, so she decided that she was going to follow me up here in her own vehicle. She was always such a worrier. But hey, I guess that’s what moms are for. We showed up to the church right around lunch time that Tuesday, and then the first thing that happened was I went out to eat lunch at Fizz Burgers & Bottles with three guys from the office. That first afternoon getting to know Josh, Clint, and Eli helped me in my worries. I knew from that point on that this was going to be great summer. Even if I was just the intern.

The next day, I first got to start meeting the students. Josh and I had spent the afternoon preparing to play Battleships and Human Games that night. The evening started off about normal, with all of us in the gym playing nine square or basketball or just standing around talking. I have always been a pretty shy person if I’m being completely honest, so that first night was pretty terrifying for me. I’m pretty sure I just stood around and silently played nine square for a good little while. That is, until the students noticed.

I am so thankful for everyone being so open to me just kind of showing up and trying to be a part of your youth group. Even if I was just the intern.

From that day forward is whenever my summer really began. Whether it was sleeping in the Carlson’s downstairs bedroom, having someone break a toe after slipping in Gatorade, studying the Bible and then playing the water bottle game at the Barone’s, eating Big Boppers at camp, hoping that the fireworks stand didn’t fly away in that freak storm (or just doing the fireworks stand in general), having some of the best conversations I’ve ever had in my life at camp, laughing with everyone in the office (Go Sharon!), sitting around all those times at Chipotle with Josh, or hearing anything from people in the halls of the church, this summer has been one of the greatest of my life.

This summer has been amazing. It saddens me that I have to leave soon. But I consider you all part of my family now.

God is moving within this chuch body. It’s so evident in what I have seen. I miss you guys already. Even if I am just the intern.

Written By: Matthew Chebahtah – Youth Summer Intern

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat: @Chebahtah
Facebook: Matthew Sunrise Chebahtah

  • Jami Hespe says:

    Matthew, it’s been so great to have you as part of the staff here at Riverlawn and I’m glad we had the privilege of getting to know you. Thanks for all you’ve done to make this a great summer for the students! Praying God’s blessings for you in your future ministry, you’ll always be part of the family here… even if you didn’t want to be friends with the office scarecrow. 😉 haha!

    Love and Hugs,

  • Harolyn Cathey says:

    Matthew, it was super getting to know you this summer…you were never thought of as just an intern but as part of our crazy staff. I hope and pray that as you enter into the next phase of your life that you will be blessed as you blessed the lives of our students here at Riverlawn. Take care, and God Bless.

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