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I have worked three jobs in my life. My first was working at The BookWorm, a used book store in Boulder, CO. My second was as a shift manager at Qdoba Mexican Grill in Joplin. And my third has been this summer, serving as an intern at Riverlawn Christian Church. Out of the three, my internship has, by far, been the most fulfilling. Whereas the first two sated my appetite, the opportunity to serve in a ministry has filled me with joy and contentment.
During the course of my internship, I have been able to shadow a different ministry and a different pastor each week. First, I was partnered with Pastor Jerrod and the worship ministry. I think the idea was, “put him with the crazy first and if he stays, we’ll go from there.” At that time, I had not met Pastor Kurt.
My week with Pastor TJ focused on our P1Partners ministry which is such a unique ministry. It was such a validating experience to meet with a fellow church and talk through leadership structures and biblical eldership; to see unity in the local church. Jesus, speaking in John 13:35, speaks on how the world will know we are His disciples by the way we love one another and this ministry definitely declares and demonstrates that!
Following those two weeks a new chapter of summer began, Vacation Bible School and Camps. There’s something you should know about me; for the past 10 years I have told myself that I am terrible with kids and so I never experienced what ministry to kids could really be. But you know what? This chapter was my favorite part of the summer. I was completely surprised by how much I was enjoying VBS, how awesome it was to co-lead one of the fifth grade classes and the amazing interactions that God would bless me with in this ministry. Then came junior camp where I was a group leader for the week. I was assigned to the Pink Cheetahs, a team of seven sixth-grade girls, and we had a blast. And the fun of camp didn’t just stay at Prairie View but we brought it back with us (I hear the Pink Cheetah cheer has spread like wildfire through the kids ministry).
With my time in kids ministry coming to an end, I loaded up with Pastor Eli and our high school students to head down to CIY MOVE. Now, I remember going to these conferences when I was a student, but my experience this summer of leading and worshipping and serving these students blew my own experience out of the water. I have never seen the Spirit lead in the lives of students so strongly as baggage was laid down, walls crumbled, and several students felt a call into ministry that they have begun deciphering.
I can’t truly express or fully describe all of the details of this summer but the Lord has used this internship to further reinforce my own calling into ministry. The names of this congregation, the names of this staff, and the names of your kids and youth; the name Riverlawn has been branded on my heart.

Till we meet again, or are called home,
Seth Welch, Summer Intern


  • Joanne Swayze says:

    What a beautiful testimony to how awesome our God is. We so enjoyed your stopping by our knit/crochet group Visiting with us and letting us see your heart for ministry. We have been blessed. Will be praying for God’s leading in your journey. Remember, “Be still and know that I am God”.
    T.d.Jakes, in his book “lessons for a life with out limits “ said See yourself as fresh and new and always be ready to start again “. Take care precious brother in Christ. Your friend. Joanne

  • Elizabeth Scott says:

    It sounds like you learned alot.We have a great brunch of people that serves us. They are all a blessing.

  • Karen Cox says:

    Safe travels. Study hard. Love the lLord with all your heart. Enjoyed your time teaching.

  • BJ McCutcheon says:

    You are a darling young man, with a million souls to touch for Jesus. n Thank You for being my friend this summer, quick as it has gone. And just wanted to send you off with a till we meet on the other side,
    Your Grandmother in Christ,
    BJ McCutcheon

  • Erica Mitchell says:

    I’m not crying. You’re crying! Haha! It was awesome serving students with you. I know ‘Spenders is forever branded on Riverlawn’s heart too! You will be missed. You are built for ministry and even if you don’t know exactly what that will look like or what God’s timeframe will be, stay the course and never give up.

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