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This year has been a series of reunion opportunities for my wife and me. In fact, the first of several reunions for us occurred in February when we met some longtime, but not often seen, friends at a location warmer than Wichita. We have subsequently met friends and family at other locations to reconnect and enjoy their company for a time. For as long as I can remember my extended family has congregated annually for a meal and fellowship. As I write these thoughts my wife and I are attending a reunion of a group of men who went to war together some 50 years ago, a bittersweet occasion to be sure. In a few weeks we plan another reunion with classmates from my high school days. In each case I anticipate reconnecting with people who have been an influence on who I am today.

In the Bible we find references to another reunion we all look forward to when we gather with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, at the right hand of God the Father.

While I know with certainty the aspects of my family’s reunion, I must rely on Biblical descriptions from John’s account in the book of Revelation and references from other Biblical authors to form an idea about this Heavenly reunion.

Much of that Heavenly reunion will focus on adoration to God and Jesus but some scriptures allude to the fact that, in our new and perfect bodies, we will recognize, and be recognized by, those who have gone before.

Contemplating the ramifications of who we’ll see is exciting.

In contrast, we can have frightening thoughts of who we might expect to see only to find an empty place at the table.

It serves to remind each of us to do all we can to fill those spaces at that most important reunion of all.


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