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  • I’m working in another city this week, a city I’ve never visited, so I’m having difficulty getting around. It has more roundabouts (I like them) than I’ve seen in any other American city but their frontage roads (and there are lots of these) and

  • Being a mom in today’s society is hard. In a world that values appearances and instant gratification, the messy and grace-required work required to be a mother, paired with delayed gratification, just doesn’t fit the world’s projected

  • I have worked three jobs in my life. My first was working at The BookWorm, a used book store in Boulder, CO. My second was as a shift manager at Qdoba Mexican Grill in Joplin. And my third has been this summer, serving as an intern at Riverlawn

  • What does it mean to worship God as an individual? Let me just preface this blog with saying that I am not an expert on worship and I am just portraying what I personally believe worship is and can be. To me, it is possible to worship God in

  • It’s not by our works that we’re set free But rather Your grace is the key Dead in our transgressions but alive in You Our old selves are gone; by You we’re made new Forgiveness of sins and redemption through Your blood You’ve crafted us from

  • Is our work fulfilling? Does work always feel like it matters? Sometimes it just doesn’t feel that way. We can see in Genesis how work was designed by God. God placed Adam in the garden to tend to it. Adam and Eve showed God that obeying this

  • What comes to mind when you hear the words, “Church Discipline”? For many in the world today, it’s proof that being part of organized religion is “just a bunch of rules.” For others it brings to mind examples from Scripture like stoning in the

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