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  • So often, it feels as though the faith of many, myself included, can become a part of a compartmentalized approach to our lives. Rather than being something that guides, and forms, and defines the way in which we live, the gospel becomes part of

  • Captured within John’s gospel there is a short passage of the third time that Christ revealed Himself to His disciples following His resurrection. If we’re not careful, we’ll read over it, chalk it up as another resurrection appearance, and move

  • In Christ we have freedom from sins to be forgiven. In Christ we have purpose and an opportunity to live for something beyond ourselves. In Christ we experience victory over sin and death and now live out that victory by the power of the Holy

  • What do you do when you come to the tomb and find it empty? What do you do when your Lord and Savior, the One who was beaten, crucified, and killed, is put into the grave and when you visit it a few days later, you find that He is no longer

  • Jesus is dead. He has been crucified and given up His Spirit. He’s not asleep or passed out from His wounds; there is no life in His body, no air in His lungs. He is dead. That’s the curtain closer. And yet, while the curtain has closed the

  • Biblical stewardship is one of those “Churchy” phrases and people have various understanding of what that phrase means. When people hear “stewardship” in church, some people immediately think the church is going to build a new building or fund a

  • There are so many needs in the church. And I am not just talking about in the building we call Riverlawn Christian Church. I am talking about needs within the body of Christ – church with the Big C. How can we possibly meet those needs? Well,

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