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My Summer with the Kaleo Project


By Kaden Lewis

This summer I had a tremendous opportunity to grow in my faith alongside 250 other college students at a project called Kaleo. This was my second summer at Kaleo and it was phenomenal.

Kaleo is a nine-week faith and leadership development program in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I attended this with Kansas State University’s Student Mobilization.

I personally grew a ton which is a true testament to God moving continually in my life. I went down to Kaleo this summer hoping to learn how to connect deeper with God in a few areas, namely prayer and discipleship.

God really came through this summer revealing to me that as my Father he wants to know me intimately. God desires to be in continual communication with me and for me to be truly honest with Him with where my heart is on a daily basis.

I also saw God equip me in the area of discipleship. Over the course of the summer, we studied the book of 2 Timothy. The book provides a detailed example of what a laborer, someone who lays down their life for the sake of the Gospel, looks like. I learned that a laborer is described as a good soldier, a disciplined athlete, and a diligent farmer.

Each area is vital to becoming a laborer. The soldier is focused on the mission that God has laid out ahead of them. The athlete runs toward God in a way that wins the race. The farmer sows the gospel continually expecting God to work in people’s hearts. God really instilled these traits in my heart.

As I head back to K-State this fall, my growth in prayer and as a laborer will equip me to be a disciple maker. I desire to share my life with college guys for the next two years hoping they desire to commit to a relationship with God through Jesus. Therefore, I will need to be praying continually for these guys that God will move in their life.

In turn, I have thought of a few easy applications that will help us grow together as men and women of prayer and as laborers. My first simple application is easy. Spend 10 minutes with God in prayer early in the morning. This will grow your heart for God and a heart for others!

Another easy application is for us to spend as much time with our friends that aren’t following Jesus as possible! For our friends to start following Jesus, we have to tell them about who he is and what he did for us on the cross. To tell them, we have to be with them! If we apply those two things, God will move the gospel in us and through us!

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