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It’s not by our works that we’re set free
But rather Your grace is the key
Dead in our transgressions but alive in You
Our old selves are gone; by You we’re made new
Forgiveness of sins and redemption through Your blood
You’ve crafted us from the clay and risen us out of the mud
Eternal life is given to us; a free gift for all
Open the eyes of our hearts so that we may hear You call
Death to the hostilities; through the cross we’re united
We’re all God’s people, our paths have been lighted
Forgiven of our sins by Your Son’s sacrifice
We bow down to You who paid the ultimate price

Raised out of the darkness and now in the Lord’s light
Glorify the Lord in all you do with all your might
Be kind and compassionate to one another
Just as Christ forgave you, forgive each other
Wake up, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you
Be imitators of God, His dearly loved children, in all you do
Live a life of love, building others up according to their needs
For it may benefit those who listen and instill within them Christ’s seeds
Put off falsehood and speak truthfully to all
Live a life worthy of your call
Get rid of your anger, rage, and bitterness
Put on your new self, created to be like God in holiness and true righteousness
Live as children of God and find out what pleases Him
And take care to never let the Lord’s light in you grow dim

Do not be foolish, understand the Lord’s will
We are now marked with the Holy Spirit as our fill
Give thanks to God in everything
To the Lord, in your heart, make music and sing
Out of reverence for Christ submit to one another
Speak no unwholesome talk about your sister or brother
Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power
Stand firm in God’s armor for we will never know the hour
Fearlessly declare the mystery of the gospel to which you hear the call
And for those who love the Lord with an undying love, grace to all

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