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Josh Gores

  • When you were growing up, did anyone ever ask you “what’re you going to do with your life?” At the time, it seemed important, vital and necessary even, to have your life mapped out in minute details. You were going to be in this industry sector

  • By Josh Gores The idea of living it out means putting the bat to the ball, making contact, and applying it to your life. To live it out is not about being a spectator but putting into action the things that you have heard and learn. That’s

  • Basic Training is more than a church-wide study that Riverlawn went through in fall 2019, it is a rhythm of discipleship and dependence upon God. It’s more than a booklet and a few videos, it is an opportunity to equip the saints and see a

  • By Josh Gores Have you ever been in a canoe out in the middle of a lake? If it’s a still day, the canoe sits placidly, at the beck and call of your paddle. With relative ease you are able to drive and direct the watercraft where you want it to

  • Recently, as my wife and I laid our toddler down to sleep we read from his Bible this really incredible story of faith. The people of Israel had escaped Egypt through God’s powerful hand, they crossed the Jordan River, and they prepared to

  • “Hi Josh! How are you doing today?” Who had said that, who knew my name? I turned my head and there was the manager of my gym with a broad smile on his face and genuine care for how my day was going so far. The question caught me off guard and I

  • As people gathered in churches across the globe this past weekend there was the familiar exchange and refrain of “He is Risen!” “He is Risen indeed!” It was Easter Sunday, or Resurrection Sunday, depending on your upbringing. The corporate

  • Saying, “goodbye” is a hard thing to do. Certainly it may depend on the situation and the people that are involved but to bid farewell to a person you love, a person you care for, is never easy even when the parting is for a relatively short

  • Have you ever heard the story of the man who bought a $10,000 parrot for his mother? It could speak in forty different languages and do half a dozen other tricks. The day came where it was delivered and the man never heard back from his mom.

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