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  • When you were growing up, did anyone ever ask you “what’re you going to do with your life?” At the time, it seemed important, vital and necessary even, to have your life mapped out in minute details. You were going to be in this industry sector

  • “Hi Josh! How are you doing today?” Who had said that, who knew my name? I turned my head and there was the manager of my gym with a broad smile on his face and genuine care for how my day was going so far. The question caught me off guard and I

  • By Clarissa Ghere Whether we want to admit it or not, some form of glory is in the middle of everything we do or pursue: our glory or God’s glory. Either way, you are pursuing some type of glory. I was recently reading in a devotional by

  • By Ryan Samaniego “God sends no one away empty except those who are full of themselves.” – D.L. Moody If we want to be filled with the love of God, there must be a removal of self. This leaves the room we need for God to pour his love into us.

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