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Basic Training


Basic Training is more than a church-wide study that Riverlawn went through in fall 2019, it is a rhythm of discipleship and dependence upon God. It’s more than a booklet and a few videos, it is an opportunity to equip the saints and see a multiplication movement in our church, in our city, and beyond. At its core, Basic Training is about making disciples who make disciples. And so, as the study comes to a close we have to ask ourselves, “what do I do with this now?” The thoughts, ideas, and biblical principles laid out in this study is not meant to simply go on your bookshelf or to be a short-lived excitement that is soon forgotten. It’s something we walk through again, this time inviting other people into the fold.

I love Pawnee Prairie Park. It is one of my absolute favorite places in Wichita. I love the wonder and awe that it brings, every time I step foot in the park. I love exploring the trails and walking the paths and being in the beauty of creation. And as I discover new routes or see new things, I love inviting others to come back with me; to share the experience together. That’s the call of Basic Training; it is a ready-made opportunity of biblical truth and application that gives us a base by which we might invite others to journey with us in the faith. It’s a resource to walk with those in our spheres of influence (coworkers, family members, neighbors, etc.) to consider who is God, what He has done through Jesus Christ, and the impact of that for all of us for all eternity. Will you take that next step?

As we enter into 2020, it’s my hope and prayer that you’ll consider going through this resource again, leading someone else into the beauty of the gospel and the love of our Creator. This week, take some time to pray over who God might be calling you to walk this path with. Ask Him to clearly show you one or two people to journey into a new decade alongside. Additional booklets can be picked up in the church office and we’d love to help equip you in this endeavor. So be praying for who God wants you to walk with in this journey, be bold in stepping into Basic Training, and go and make disciples for His Name and His Kingdom!

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