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  • By TJ Lawson You’ve seen this scene in movies before. A dirty storeroom with mops, brooms, and other janitorial supplies scattered around. The camera pans around; there is a group of men seated at the table. They all look sinister but

  • By Devin Donnell What is Church? Is it four walls and a roof? Is it a community center for like-minded people to come together and study the Bible and sing songs that make us feel good? Is it a group of people who follow Jesus coming together?

  • By Josh Gores One Sunday each year, Riverlawn Christian Church participates in a worship service that is unlike most of its others. We still have communion, we still have a sermon (albeit a much shorter one), and we still have a worship set that

  • By Don Carlson Our small group recently began listening to Focus on the Family’s “That the World May Know” presentation on “The Mission of Jesus”.  This week was about the city of Capernaum, the place where Jesus did a great deal of his teaching

  • By Eli Bayless My two-year-old son has a lot of growing up to do. Let’s just say he hasn’t exactly got things figured out yet. He is still under the impression that if he would like something from his mom or me that the best way to

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