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  • Hello Riverlawn! I miss you and I am looking forward to the time when we will be back together in person! There are a lot ofdifferent opinions of when that should be. We released the steps to our RELAUNCH plan last Friday via social media and

  • A few years ago, Riverlawn commissioned discipleship pastor Travis Roberts to start a church in Wichita. He was sent out with the vision of reaching people far from Christ with the full support of Riverlawn and many other donors that believe in

  • By Clint Harden The term “Growing in Christ” can be a little ambiguous and arbitrary, based on our feelings that day. I know some days I feel like I’m growing as much as I did the summer after my seventh-grade year, other days I feel like I’m

  • By Clint Harden When it comes to perseverance, I, like many others, have the quick trigger and ask “Why do bad things happen to good people?” This question has driven people from faith in Jesus. This question has caused so much confusion in my

  • Holiness is not easily attained. It takes time because it’s a process that God, like the silversmith in Proverbs 25:4, puts you through. He sees all the little secrets, memories, painful and happy moments of our lives and uses them all to make

  • Captured within John’s gospel there is a short passage of the third time that Christ revealed Himself to His disciples following His resurrection. If we’re not careful, we’ll read over it, chalk it up as another resurrection appearance, and move

  • It’s not by our works that we’re set free But rather Your grace is the key Dead in our transgressions but alive in You Our old selves are gone; by You we’re made new Forgiveness of sins and redemption through Your blood You’ve crafted us from

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