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A Mid-Summer Recap


By Brody Lumpkins, Summer Intern

This summer I have been shadowing and working under the different Pastors in the Riverlawn office getting a sample of each area of ministry. This is to get a wide view of what it takes to make the church advance in a healthy combination of love and hard work. Here are some of the main departments and pastors I have worked under.

Worship-Jerrod Byrne, Luis Alicea

For the majority of the week I shadowed Luis and saw all the fascinating work that goes into making the weekend production work smoothly and look incredible. We also worked on some of the study and devotional parts of the RCC app. With Jerrod, I saw how he passionately and intentionally leads a team of gifted musicians to worship God and lead our weekend services.

Children’s-Kurt Schneider & Devin Donnell

The week I spent with Kurt and Devin was being a leader in the summer VBS program. This was awesome as I saw how both lead and teach with purpose and progress as the kids walked away with tangible and valuable life lessons of how to follow Christ. These two showed me that it is possible to let kids lead and learn instead of just being baby sat.

Youth-Eli Bayless

The week I spent with Eli was being a leader at the CIY MIX conference with the middle schoolers. This was an incredible week as I got to partner with several other leaders and watch God move in the hearts of all these students. Eli showed an inspirational belief in each of the students that they had a place and purpose in God’s kingdom. Many kids left this week with new decisions of how they will live and follow Christ.

Head-Jeff Isaacs

The two weeks that I spent with Jeff was so awesome as I shadowed and participated in the daily ministry that Jeff gives to the congregation whether it’s over the phone or in person. I learned the valuable lesson of spontaneous and unplanned things constantly happening that requires love, patience, and an impeccable amount of flexibility. Jeff has been one of the most inspirational leaders I have worked beside as he walks how he talks and devotes his daily life to the Lord in everything he does. It was great getting the opportunity to speak on stage about the good news of Christ and be a part of the process of preparing for the weekend services.

Discipleship-Josh Gores

I am just now beginning my week with Josh and am excited to see what the week brings. From what I already have seen Josh is a valuable and unique influence and support to the team of pastors. Josh has shown me to smile and take on tasks and responsibility with a positive and determined attitude. Working with him has shown me the unmistakable importance of communication and personal connection with people in the ministry.

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