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A Call to Serve


The Great Day of Service is something relatively new for our Riverlawn community. In its second year, the Great Day of Service is a time where we gather for one combined worship service before going out into our communities and cities to worship and proclaim the gospel through serving others. This year, more than 800 volunteers dedicated their morning to making an impact for the Kingdom through service. From packaging meals to building the walls of a house to tending the yards of residents to prayer walking our city to cleaning up local parks and so much more, the reach was far and wide with one dominant and unwavering theme throughout it- selfless service. The Great Day of Service was a success not because the number of people we gathered and not because we had some really awesome team leads who accomplished much with their teams (huge thanks and shout out to all of them). The Great Day was a success because the people of God served selflessly, generously, and joyfully for the glory of their King. The result of gathering together for just a few short hours was staggering- tens of thousands of meals packed, the walls of a house built, hundreds of pounds of trash picked up, four local parks cleaned up and cleared out, playground equipment installed, a plethora of trees trimmed, and millions of blades of grass cut. It truly was a great day.

So where do we go from here?

As amazing and incredible and great as the Great Day truly was, the opportunity exists for each of us to continue to worship through serving; to dig deep into the glorious gospel message, to see the command to love the Lord our God and to love others as ourselves, and to serve others selflessly. We serve not that we might benefit or receive praise and recognition from it. We serve, following in the footsteps and example of our Lord and Savior. Out of the overflow of our relationship with Christ, we seek to make disciples who make disciples by living out the faith that we have in Christ. The Great Day of Service is merely one piece of that puzzle but all the other pieces are easily within our reach. To mentor at a local school, to mow your elderly neighbor’s yard, to prepare meals for the homebound senior at your church; the possibilities to serve are endless. Praise God for the work that was done on the Great Day but may we look out before us and see that the fields are ripe with the harvest; may we see the opportunities that exist at the end of our street or in the cubicle across from ours.

May service not merely be an event in which we participate once a year but a regular exercise of faith expressed out of our identity in the risen Christ.


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