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  • By Josh Gores One Sunday each year, Riverlawn Christian Church participates in a worship service that is unlike most of its others. We still have communion, we still have a sermon (albeit a much shorter one), and we still have a worship set that

  • By Mark Simmon If I posed the question, “What is your most precious commodity,” how would you respond? Some may start by asking exactly how a commodity is defined. For that, I will yield to Mr. Webster. According to Merriam-Webster 2017 edition,

  • By Larry Highley When I was a younger, more impetuous man, a wise mentor of mine told me, “Larry, find yourself a Paul, a Barnabas, and a Timothy.” Back then I was not completely sure what he was trying to say, so I asked him what he meant. He

  • By Eli Bayless This last Sunday, January 29th was officially my last Sunday as the worship pastor at Riverlawn Christian Church. I could not be more grateful and excited for my time as Worship Pastor and for this next season that God has led me

  • By Mark Cathey Over the last two months, most of my contemplative thoughts have been dominated by three separate lines of study and the intersection of those studies has produced thoughts I’ll attempt to share. First has been the presidential

  • By Josh Gores Make disciples who make disciples. If you’re at all familiar with Riverlawn, you know that this is what we’re all about. We teach it from the pulpit, it’s found its way onto signs throughout our campus, it’s a guiding principle in

  • By Travis Roberts Recently I’ve been working out at a local gym in the mornings. There’s about 10 people who are there consistently. Occasionally small talk happens when a couple people choose to take off their headphones for 10 seconds but we

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